• Basic Cleaning – This is great for people working full-time who need a little help around the home.

  • Deep Cleaning – For packed-in dirt or messes left after parties, this can be a great option.

  • Declutter & Spring Cleaning.

  • Vacant House Cleaning – The empty house is cleaned to prepare it for sale or for renters to get their deposit back. Cleaning usually includes fridge, oven, all flooring, and Windows.

  • Ask about our hourly or per-square-foot estimate.


Deep house cleaning services

Deep cleaning takes routine cleaning to the next level, ensuring that every nook and cranny is tended to.

Deep cleaning service includes the following:

  • Deep cleaning inside of all the appliances (stove, fridge, etc.).
  • Cleaning countertops
  • Cleaning floors and baseboards
  • Wiping down blinds
  • Cleaning interior windows
  • Cleaning all light fixtures and bulbs
  • Dusting ceiling fans
  • Cleaning AC/heat vents
  • Cleaning the bathroom — all aspects
  • Dusting in all areas (living room, bedrooms, common areas)
  • Vacuuming
  • Scrubs Floor

What’s Included in Commercial Cleaning

  • Commercial office cleaning services are professional cleaning solutions tailored for businesses and organizations. These services ensure that workspaces are clean, hygienic, and conducive to productivity. Here’s what’s typically included in commercial office cleaning:

    1. Vacuuming and Mopping: Regular cleaning of carpets, tile floors, and other surfaces to remove dust and debris.
    2. Dusting: Wiping down desks, shelves, and flat surfaces to keep them free from dirt.
    3. High-Touch Surface Disinfection: Thoroughly cleaning areas frequently touched by employees and visitors, such as doorknobs, meeting tables, and light switches.
    4. Restroom Cleaning: Ensuring employee and guest restrooms are clean and sanitized.
    5. Trash Removal: Emptying wastebaskets and disposing of trash properly.

    These services go beyond basic cleaning to create a healthier indoor environment. They focus on disinfection and germ control, promoting the well-being of staff and customers. Whether you run a small business, manage a large facility, or oversee a government building, commercial cleaning services help maintain a professional and inviting space.